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10GbE iSCSI: Overview and Applications
November 2005(2MB PDF file)


Margalla Communications in InfoStor
» Cloud storage opportunities and challenges
» I/O virtualization is a sweet spot for 10GbE
» Are TOEs a Panacea for Backup Performance?
» iSCSI Software Initiators vs. iSCSI HBAs

Margalla Communications in HPCWire
» Remote Direct Memory Access Networking for HPC: Comparative Review of 10GbE iWARP and InfiniBand
February 2010
» Next-Generation 10GbE Switching -- Challenges And Directions
June 2007
» 10GbE Server Networking: Ready for Primetime?
April 2005

Margalla Communications in EETimes
» 10GbE SFP+ PHYs: Requirements and leading solutions
September 2009
» 10GbE Networking for HPC -- Applications and Technology Trends
June 2009

White Papers

» Optimizing Cloud Infrastructure with Software-Defined Networking,
A Vello Systems White Paper, PDF (2.5MB)

» High-Performance Networking for Optimized Hadoop Deployments,
A Chelsio White Paper, June 2011, PDF (615KB)

» Unified Networking on 10GbE,
An Intel/NetApp White Paper, June 2010, PDF (200KB)

» High-speed RDMA Networking for HPC: Comparative Review of 10GbE iWARP and InfiniBand
February 2010, PDF (357 KB)

» Best Practices Guide: Emulex Virtual HBA ® Solutions and VMware ® ESX Server 3.5
An Emulex/VMware WP, July 2008, PDF (2MB)

» 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE): Tipping Point for IP SANs?
October 2005, PDF (1MB)

» Shared File Systems: Foundation for Digital Post-Production Infrastructure
June 2005

» The Emergence of the Converged Network Interface Controller (C-NIC)
April 2005, PDF (220K)

» Microsoft Chimney: The Answer to TOE Explosion?
August 2003, PDF (109K)

» A Technical FAQ about Voice and Video over IP Networks
January 2003, PDF (104K)

» Next-generation Multi-Gigabit Networking Standards: Comparative Positioning of InfiniBand and RDMA/TCP
August 2002, PDF (308K)

» Wire-speed Network Security for IP Storage: Challenges and Solutions
August 2001, PDF

» NFS and DFS: A Functional Comparison
April 1997, PDF (70K)

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