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Margalla Communications’ Margalla Ventures has extensive expertise in raising capital, due diligence, mergers & acquisitions, and venture capital advising. Saqib Jang, Principal/Founder of Margalla Communications is personally involved in all Margalla Ventures activities.


Assistance in raising investment capital - through our extensive network of investor contacts in the US and abroad we can arrange funding and capital infusions for new or expanding businesses.

  • We will assist your firm in developing the right business justification presentations and provide the supporting market data necessary to impress investors.
  • We will work with your management team on setting the right goals, objectives and tactical priorities.
  • We will provide introductions to investment firms and participate with you in meetings and presentations.

Assistance in evaluating new investment opportunities - if you are an investment firm looking to fund a new venture we will assist you in evaluating the opportunity and reaching a go/ no-go decision.

  • We provide business and technical due diligence.
  • An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the new venture's management team.
  • Validation of the market potential and growth opportunities.
  • Recommendations on partner and channel strategies.

Assistance in selling your company or technology - if your firm is looking to be acquired or divest itself of technology assets, we will work with your management team to:

  • identify potential buyers.
  • set up introductions.
  • assist you in explaining to potential buyers the benefits and merits of what you are offering.
  • assist you in formulating an attractive sales proposal.
  • assist you and your potential buyer in setting goals and objectives for a successful transition.


Margalla Ventures charges a flat retainer fee of $3,200 a month on a 3-month minimum engagement. This covers our time for all discussions, advice, introductions, meetings and presentations.

At completion of a successful transaction we will charge a 3% commission fee of the value of the transaction less the amount already paid in retainer fees. Half of the commission fee may be paid in stock options.

For more information about any of these services please contact Saqib Jang at


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